Get Me Out Productions is a Los Angeles based production company specializing in the development and execution of quality television content. GMO facilitates all stages of content through Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and Distribution, with experienced leadership throughout each phase. 


GMO was created by executive producer Akim Anastopoulo, the face of the popular, long-running courtroom television program Eye for an Eye as Judge "Extreme Akim.” Hali Anastopoulo joins her father as an Executive Producer; she is also the creator and director of the GMO's latest series Men of West Hollywood


Before the move to West Hollywood, Get Me Out originated as the first independent production company in South Carolina, known as 'Hollywood SC Studios,' creating and selling productions such as Eye for an Eye, Rescue Vet, Republic of Pete, Drop Jaw Nation, Judge Brian and Healthy Kids Cooking to major networks across the United States and nearly 50 countries internationally.        

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Our Process



Get Me Out finds unique ideas and untold stories to bring to life in an on-screen capacity. At GMO, we believe that fresh, innovative concepts create entertaining and compelling content.



The Get Me Out production team brings creative concepts to life with an experienced, diverse and specialized production crew focused on capturing all of the necessary elements for a quality on-screen product. 



The post-production team at Get Me Out covers all of the key areas that need to be addressed when the cameras stop rolling. From editing and visual effects to music and licensing, GMO is covering all of the bases in post!



The in-house specialists at GMO handle all of the important aspects of selling and distributing a project. We work in web development, packaging and pitching to networks fit to obtain the project's ideal viewership.


Get Me Out Productions recently completed principal shooting and post-production on Season 1 of docu-reality series Men of West Hollywood, which is now being finalized for distribution. The new series, created by Hali Anastopoulo, is expected to release in late Summer 2021. For more information on the new Men of West Hollywood series, visit


 GMO has also wrapped production on the pilot episode of a new docu-reality series Brokers: Charleston, shot in June 2021 on-location in the beautiful, titular South Carolina real estate hub. Additional information on this Get Me Out series is coming soon!


To find out more about all other Get Me Out shows and projects, visit our Projects page.