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Akim Anastopoulo

Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Executive Producer

Akim Anastopoulo is the CEO and co-founder of Get Me Out Productions. A former media personality as “Judge Extreme Akim” on the popular nationally syndicated courtroom television program Eye for an Eye, Akim is an accomplished attorney and content producer. He served as executive producer and co-director of the recent docuseries Men of West Hollywood, and is actively producing current and upcoming Get Me Out projects. Akim previously founded South Carolina-based Hollywood SC Productions, where he developed and distributed regionally-produced unscripted content such as An Eye for an Eye, Rescue Vet, Republic of Pete, and Drop Jaw Nation.

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Hali Anastopoulo

Founder / Chief Creative Officer / Executive Producer

Hali Anastopoulo is a co-founder of Get Me Out Productions. She is a multi-hyphenate creator of unscripted television content that reflects the unique perspective of her cohort - Generation Z. Hali is the creator / co-director / executive producer of multiple projects inspired by Gen Z themes of openness and equality, and often imbued with a sense of fun. Hali created Men of West Hollywood, a 10-part original docuseries that premiered on Crackle Plus in 2022. Hali and her team are actively developing and pitching multiple series formats, with subjects ranging from true crime / miscarriage of justice to the future of money and entertainment - the gig economy, web3, crypto, and esports..


Alex Garcia

SVP of Development & Licensing

Alex has been a corporate leader in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the business, such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Rdio, and Entravision Communications. Now at Get Me Out Productions, Alex brings his wealth of experience to lead the Sale, License and Development of content worldwide.


Gabbie Sundberg

Producer / Creative Lead / Head of Production

Gabbie Sundberg is a filmmaker from Las Vegas, Nevada. Gabbie works as a Producer and Production Manager at Get Me Out Productions. Gabbie is involved throughout all stages of production at the company, working in tandem with the rest of the team on all current projects. 

Sydney B 5.jpg

Sydney K.

Producer / Director of Operations / Head of Post-Production & Editor 

Sydney K. has been working in the film industry for over 6 years, producing independent projects, ranging from web-series to features. Sydney works as a Producer and Editor at Get Me Out Productions, and also oversees all in-house acquired productions. 

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Jesse Robinson

Director / Story Producer / Head of Pre-Production

Jesse Robinson has been working in film and television for over 10 years as a SAG actor, also serving as a segment writer for television programs. Jesse now works as a Story Producer, finding and developing concepts for Get Me Out Productions.

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Mohamed Touahria

Graphics Lead / Animator

Mohamed is an Algerian creative and innovative digital artist with relevant experience of film and creating media content. Mohamed's work focuses on creating high end Motion Graphic themes for the current projects.



Get Me Out Productions is led by a versatile team with extensive development, production, and distribution experience. In a creative twist, the majority of Get Me Out’s productions are led and crewed by the production company’s core team - bringing a unique level of collective investment and collaboration throughout each project. Founders Hali and Akim Anastopoulo are creators, producers and directors; GMO team members are producers, cinematographers, editors, and more. 

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