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Akim Anastopoulo

CEO / Executive  Producer / Director 

Akim Anastopoulo is the founder of Get Me Out Productions: a Los Angeles based production company specializing in television content. Akim serves as an executive producer, director and creator for the current and upcoming productions at GMO. Akim was also the face of the popular national syndicated courtroom television program Eye for an Eye, which he starred in for several seasons as Judge "Extreme Akim.”


Hali Anastopoulo

Creator / Director 

Hali Anastopoulo is also a founder and executive producer at Get Me Out Productions, as well as the creator of the Men of West Hollywood series. Hali also serves as the creator and director for all upcoming productions, such as Get Me Out’s latest television pilot The Brokers of Charleston, shot on-location in South Carolina.

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Scott Emmer

Director of Sales & Aquistions

Scott Emmer has worked in entertainment for over 10 years, specializing in television buying, selling, and development. Scott is responsible for sales and acquisitions at Get Me Out Productions, working to partner with multi-platform broadcasters including network, cable and digital outlets. 

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Sydney K.

Producer / Head Editor

Gabbie Sundberg

Associate Producer / Production Manager

Jesse Robinson

Story Producer

Sydney K. has been working in the film industry for over 5 years and has worked on over 100+ production sets. Sydney works as a Producer, Production Manager, and Head Editor here at Get Me Out Productions. Sydney also oversees all in-house and acquired productions.

Gabrielle Sundberg is a 22 year-old filmmaker from Las Vegas, Nevada. Gabbie works as a Associate Producer, DP, and Assistant Editor at Get Me Out Productions. Gabbie is involved throughout all stages of production at the company, working in tandem with the rest of the team on all current projects.

Jesse Robinson has been working in film and television for over 10 years as a SAG actor, also serving as a segment writer for television programs in Los Angeles. Jesse now works as a Story Producer, finding and developing concepts for Get Me Out Productions. 


Our production crew and staff bring the rare combination of youth and experience necessary to fulfill a project's vision. The Get Me Out production staff brings a wealth of knowledge from every corner of the entertainment industry.